The spring season is upon us! Several of our patients tend to experience seasonal allergies during this time of year due to increased plant pollens within the environment. Commonly, dogs will experience clinical signs such as itching, chewing, or licking of the skin and paws. Cats tend to experience hair loss, overgrooming, and generalized itching. Secondarily, our pets may be more likely to develop ear infections or secondary bacterial skin infections. Aside from seasonal allergies, pets may also experience allergies as a result of:

  • External parasites such as fleas

  • Food – reaction to specific proteins such as beef, chicken, etc

  • Genetic or breed predisposition

There are multiple veterinary-approved options for allergy control which several of our patients utilize. Proper allergy control helps to improve your pet’s overall comfort. Occasionally antibiotics or medicated shampoos/sprays are indicated for treatment of secondary skin infections. We recommend that all pets receive year-round flea prevention to reduce the likelihood of a flea allergy. If your pet is experiencing allergies, we are happy to meet the specific needs of your pet to keep them as comfortable as possible during the allergy season.