Annie Gregory, DVMGroomer Annie Gregory has helped care for pets at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital since 2008. She loves working with the caring, friendly staff and feels fortunate to work with animals every day. Her animal companions include a dog named Fefe and a turtle named Jasper. In her spare time, she enjoys going for walks with Fefe, baking fun desserts and spending time with friends and family.

Brittnee IraBrittnee Ira has assisted clients and their pets as a receptionist at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital since 2007. She loves working with animals and enjoys interacting with clients and their pets. She spends her free time with family and friends, watching movies and going for walks with her dog Jett. She also shares her home with two cats, Peetie and Billie.

Courtney Gellhaus Courtney Gellhaus has been a part-time kennel assistant with Falcon Valley since June, 2010. Though Courtney has only been working in the animal care field for a short time she has been around animals all her life. Several times a year she brings her 11 year old horse Red to various shows and competitions. Other activities include cheerleading for Olathe NW High School, swimming, working out, and spending time with her 1 year old cat, Bella and her 5 year old dog, Amber.

Jamie Smith Jamie Smith, one of ouor veterinary technicians, assists with many tasks at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital - including caring for the animals, assisting in dental exams, prepping pets for surgery and anesthesia monitoring. Jamie graduated from Maple Woods Community College with a veterinary technician's associate's degree. She plans on taking the state and national board exams for certification in 2013. Jamie has been with us since May of 2012.

"All the staff here is amazing to work with. We all provide excellent medical care and treat the animals like one of our own," Jamie said.

Jamie takes care of three dogs at home, Rocco, Enzo and Livi. She spends what free time she has playing with her dogs, reading and dancing.

AmandaVeterinary assistant Amanda Morley doesn't hesitate when asked about what she loves most about her job: "All of it!" She assists the veterinarians with their appointments and helps care for our boarding guests. "I have a compassion and true interest in all things animal-related. I want to learn everything." Amanda has plans to attend Johnson County Community College to start the process of becoming a veterinarian. She joined our staff in June of 2012.

"I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I was a child. Dr. Kaufman and the other doctors are very compassionate and talented and I look up to them."

Amanda has four cats, Artemis, Baily, Drucilla and Ju Jitsu. She enjoys spending time reading, playing video games, snuggling with her cats, drawing, hiking and laughing.

Kim"Kindness and love for animals," are the first two things veterinary assistant Kim Knight said when asked what she liked about working at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital. She also added: "Learning new things." Kim helps us out in any number of ways, including assisting in the kennel or in exams. She is enrolled at Maple Woods Community College for Veterinary Technology and has worked at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital since August of 2012.

"The staff here is great with animals and willing to help me do the same," she said.

Kim has a Boston terrier named Cali and a cat named George. She enjoys running, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

SarahSarah Miller enjoys her work so much that she doesn't even call it work. When asked what she liked most about her job, she said "Getting to play with all the adorable animals." That's what makes her so good at her job. Sarah has a terrific work ethic and a great personality. Aside from her work at Falcon Valley, she is also enrolled at Johnson County Community College.

"I like working at this specific veterinary hospital because it has given me a chance to learn more about healthcare for animals and it is rewarding to see a sick pet come in and help that animal get well again," Sarah said.

She has quite a menagerie at home herself, as she looks over a brood of seven dogs, six cats, one lion head bunny, a leopard gecko, 14 chickens and some fish. She manages to find time to hike, cook, practice photography, soccer, write and travel.

BaileyBailey Crosbie has been a kennel assistant with us since May of 2012, but she's been pet sitting for her friends and families since middle school (she's a senior now) - so she's an old hand at taking care of people's companions. "I love getting to know the animals and my co-workers, and I enjoy walking the dogs," Bailey said. "I really try to help out as much as I can and I feel as though I learn something new everyday. This is a career I'm seriously considering. I love everyone I work with and wouldn't want any other job."

Bailey has a Newfoundland named Violet ("She's beautiful!") and enjoys taking pictures for the yearbook and hanging out with her friends.

SootWelcome committee and night watchman Soot greets clients and patients on a daily basis and keeps an eye on things after hours. He's been with the clinic since shortly after our opening in June 2006 and loves his job!