Wellness Plans

Falcon Valley Animal Hospital offers Wellness Plans for each stage of life to help budget the cost of keeping your four-legged companion healthy.

For puppies and kittens, we offer either a basic (Silver) plan or a more robust (Gold) plan.

The Silver plan covers all the routine puppy/kitten vaccinations, intestinal parasite dewormings, 2 wellness examinations, and a heartworm test for our canine companions. In addition, we offer unlimited nail trims for the year as well as a copay for exams (instead of the current retail prices) and 10% off medical services throughout the year, should they be needed. All of this is for an initial/one-time $99 enrollment fee and a monthly fee of around $42. Prices vary by species.

The Gold plan for puppies and kittens includes all the above PLUS presurgical bloodwork and a spay/neuter. A great way to budget for this surgical procedure. Prices vary by species.

For our adult cats and dogs, we offer the same type of programs which include all recommended vaccines, 2 intestinal parasite dewormings, routine annual bloodwork, urinalysis, 2 wellness exams, unlimited nail trims and the same discounts on medical exams and medical procedures listed above. After the initial/one-time $99 enrollment fee, these plans have a monthly fee of around $42. Prices vary by species.

If your pet needs a dental cleaning, we also offer Gold plans that include presurgical bloodwork and a prophylactic dental cleaning.

We also offer Platinum plans which have all the benefits of the Adult Gold plans plus an additional blood panel and radiographs. This plan is a good way to budget annual wellness care for our older pets.

Feel free to call our office at 913-764-7387 for pricing and to get more information about which plan might be best for your pet.